Addressbook manual

Why Address book app?

The Address book app offers the ability to select an address your customer has used before. Handy, because this avoids typo’s and unnecessary after-sales activities. Furthermore you will increase your conversion rate and improve your user experience in your checkout.


How does Address book work?

  • Every new address which is used will be added to the account of your customer.
  • Your customer can easily manage his preferred addresses via his ‘my account’ environment.
  • As soon as your customer is logged in and visits the checkout, he can easily select one of his pre-saved addresses, or add a new one.



  • 1. Install the App through the Lightspeed App store.
  • 2. Enter an email address to log into the App.
  • 3. Your password will be sent by email.



Login via this link with your emailaddress and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, reset your password via this link.


How it works


To activate the Addressbook functionality, login here. Check the ‘Enable Addressbook’ checkbox and hit the save button. After a few minutes the changes will be visible in your online store.

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